Why does the entire city inhale and exhale in the same rhythm? Monday morning everybody goes to work. Friday evening everybody goes for a drink to start the weekend. Saturday everybody is home entertaining their children. I love spending a random afternoon in the middle of the week hanging out with friends.

Sometimes the weather is wonderful on Wednesday and sad on Sunday.

Richardo Semler makes some good points in his book The Seven-Day Weekend. His basic premise is that people have let work spill over in to their weekends and they should also allow leisure to spill into their work weeks. Semler doesn’t suggest that we can get by working only half a day each week. Instead Semler describes how his company has operated for decades, and creates an annual revenue of several hundreds of millions of dollars.

People shouldn’t be paid to sit in their office Monday through Friday, nine to five. And yet, that is what the labor laws of many countries dictate. A few years ago, one of my coworkers wanted to work on a bank holiday in the middle of the week in exchange for a free Friday. I got complaints from HR for approving that. Turned out it’s illegal to allow somebody to work on August 15th, even if it’s just a drizzly Thursday.

When people talk about flexible work, they usually mean that the employee has to flexible and work longer hours when deadlines approach or colleagues call in sick. Nobody ever talks about companies being flexible when moms want to stay home with their children when they are sick.