airport walkway

It is funny how some of my friends think that I'm always away from home, traveling. They ask me how my trip was when I run into them, and I have to pause and think for a while which trip they are referring to.

I do take make lot of trips. Over the past 6 months, I have spent about one third away from home. I made some trips by plane, some by car or by train. But usually I spend the bulk of my time abroad hiking. As a rough estimate, I've walked about a thousand kilometers over the past half year.

Even though I am away from my home a lot, people might make false assumptions based on my social media posts. While I travel, I seldom post pictures of my travels. Instead, I use tools to schedule posts of pictures when I am sitting at a real computer.

So you might see a picture of me in the Netherlands while I am actually in Ireland, or a picture of my bare feet on the beach in Fisterra while I was actually sitting in at home in Gent. I make an effort to put in the #latergram hashtag, but I might forget sometimes.

Social media are a facade. Everybody knows that. The pictures on Instagram or Facebook are not lies, but they don't represent the truth either. If you really want to know how I'm doing and what I'm doing, invite me for a drink, a lunch or (bonus points!) for a hike.