Ortelius World Map Image credit: Ortelius World Map on Wikimedia

I decided to start a manual for World Domination. Like the old villains in the James Bond movies, many people and companies want to become rich and powerful with little effort. Some want to get lots of money. Others want to control the opinion or the behavior of large masses. Indeed much is to gain from influencing the opinion and behavior of the masses, probably even more than pure financial gain.

I'm going to tell you how others have done it and are doing it.

I will write this in the form of a manual. This has the advantage that I will not be libeling. I won't state that these practices are illegal or immoral. If you want information on those things, talk to a lawyer or a priest. I will simply explain how it can be done. The simple observation that others are doing it should be enough proof that it can indeed be done. There might be a first mover advantage, so I cannot guarantee that new players can reuse the same strategy.

If anybody wants to reads my documents as satirical or ironic, they are free to do so. If anybody wants to read them as cautionary instead of instructional, that is fine too.

Here are some other documents that teach about world domination.